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Structure and Sequence
for the CIS Undergraduate Program

Welcome back, or if you are new to the program, welcome to GSU’s CIS program!

The CIS BBA Program of Study Check Sheet

For information concerning the timing of our undergraduate course offerings, please see the

CIS Curriculum Offerings Plan

Check back here frequently since the Undergraduate Degree Program is currently under a major revision. 


A new chart will be forthcoming when the major revision is complete. 

All CIS students are required to have access to a computer.
Click Here for Student Computer Information

All CIS students must have their own email addresses
Click Here For email Address Information

All CIS students must be proficient in the "Computer Skills Prerequisite" series (CSP: 1-8) listed in the catalog.  

All undergraduate CIS majors must complete a "programming track."  A programming track consists of a beginning and intermediate course in a two course sequence. The student may choose from one of three tracks: 1) A C programming track (CIS 3260, CIS 3280); 2) An Internet programming track (CIS 3260, CIS 3270); or 3) A visual programming track (CIS 3210, CIS 3215).

CIS 3220, Introduction to Programming in COBOL, is an elective course and may not be applied toward the programming requirement of the undergraduate degree.

David S. McDonald, Ph.D.
CIS Department
Academic Program Director

Photo of CIS class in session.

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