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Richard Baskerville
Board of Advisors Professor
Office phone: (404) 413-7362
Bldg: Robinson College, Room: 919
URL: www.cis.gsu.edu/rbaskerville/
Email: rbaskerville@cis.gsu.edu

Ph. D., University of London (System Analysis)
M.S., The London School of Economics (Accounting)
B.S.,  University of Maryland (Business and Management), European Division, Heidelberg

Research Interests: Information systems security, interaction of information systems and organizations, qualitative research methods, diffusion of IT innovations, knowledge management

Michael Gallivan
Associate Professor
Office Phone: (404) 413-7363
Bldg: Robinson College, Room: 935
URL: www.cis.gsu.edu/mgallivan
Email: mgalliva@cis.gsu.edu
Ph.D.,  MIT Sloan School of Management (IT)
M.B.A., University of California, Berkeley (MIS)
M.P.H., University of California, Berkeley, CA
B.A., Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.

Research Interests: IT human resource management, management of IT outsourcing, adoption and diffusion of innovations, organizational learning from innovations

Sidney Harris
Professor, former Dean of the Robinson College (1997-2004)
Office Phone: (404) 413-7017
Bldg: Robinson College, Room: 427
Email: sidneyharris@gsu.edu
Ph. D, Cornell University
M.S., Cornell University
B.S. , Morehouse College

Research Interests: Strategic management of technology, global practices in technological innovation and management, regional studies on China and Asia culture of high performance organization


Mark Keil
Board of Advisors Professor
Office Phone: (404) 413-7365
Bldg: Robinson College, Room: TBD
URL: www.cis.gsu.edu/markkeil
Email: mkeil@gsu.edu
D.B.A., Harvard Business School
S.M., MIT Sloan School of Management
B.S.E., Princeton University (Chemical Engineering)

Research Interests: Software project management, including software project escalation and de-escalation, software project risk, identifying and removing barriers to software use.

Lars Mathiassen
Professor, Georgia Research Alliance Eminent Scholar
Office Phone: (404) 413-7855
Bldg: Robinson College, Room: 403
URL: www.larsmathiassen.org
Email: lmathiassen@ceprin.org
Dr. Techn., University of Aalborg, Denmark (Software Engineering)
Ph.D., University of Oslo, Norway (Computer Science)
M. S., University of Aarhus, Denmark (Computer Science)

Research Interests: Software practice improvement, business process innovation, health informatics, action research methodology

David  McDonald
Associate Professor
Office Phone:  (404) 413-7368
Bldg: Robinson College, Room: 934
URL: www.cis.gsu.edu/dmcdonald
Email: davemcdonald@gsu.edu

Ph.D., Georgia State University
M. S., Georgia State University

Research Interests: SMS systems, intelligent tutoring systems, multimedia, inter-organizational systems


Ephraim R. McLean
Regentsí Professor
George E. Smith Eminent Scholarís Chair in Information Systems
Chairman, Department of Computer Information Systems

Office Phone: (404) 413-7448
Bldg: Robinson College, Room: 930
URL: www.cis.gsu.edu/emclean/
Email: emclean@gsu.edu
Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
S.M., Massachusetts Institute of Technology
M.E., Cornell University
B.M.E., Cornell University

Research Interests: Management of information systems, strategic planning for information systems, using information systems for competitive advantage, decision support and end-user systems

Arun Rai
Regents' Professor and Harkins Chair
Office Phone: (404) 413-7857
Bldg: Robinson College, Room: 421
URL: arunrai.us/
Email: arunrai@gsu.edu
Ph.D., Kent State University
S.M., Clarion University of Pennsylvania
M.S., Birla Institute of Technology & Science (India)

Research Interests: IT diffusion, infusion and impacts, emergent eBusiness models, supply chain management, knowledge management, management of systems development

Balasubramaniam Ramesh
Board of Advisors Professor
Office Phone: (404) 413-7372
Bldg: Robinson College, Room: 903
URL: www.cis.gsu.edu/bramesh
Email: bramesh@gsu.edu
Ph.D. Stern School of Business, New York University
M.B.A., Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta, India
B.S. Engineering (Honors), University of Madras, India

Research Interests: Software engineering, knowledge management, data mining, requirements engineering and traceability, electronic commerce

Daniel Robey
Emeritus Professor; part-time instructor
Office Phone: (404) 413-7373
Bldg: Robinson College, Room: 938
URL: www.cis.gsu.edu/drobey
Email: drobey@gsu.edu
D.B.A., Kent State University
M.B.A., Kent State University
B.S., Wittenberg University (Business Administration)

Click here for the link to : Symposium Honoring Dan Robey

Research Interests : Consequences of information systems in organizations, processes of system development and implementation, empirical examinations of information systems development work, effects of a wide range of technologies on organizational structure and patterns of work, development of theoretical approaches to explaining the development and consequences of information technology in organizations.

William Robinson
Associate Professor
Office Phone: (404) 413-7374
Bldg: Robinson College, Room: 927
URL: eeat.cis.gsu.edu
Email: wrobinson@gsu.edu
Ph. D., University of Oregon (Computer Information Systems)
M.S., University of Oregon (Computer Information Systems)
B.S., Oregon State University (Computer Science)

Research Interests: Requirements engineering, electronic commerce, and intelligent systems

J. P. Shim
Professor, Executive Director of Korean-American Business Center
Office Phone: (404) 413-7370
Bldg: Robinson College, Room: 924
URL: http://www.cis.gsu.edu/jpshim/SHIM3.html
Email: jpshim@gsu.edu
Ph. D., University of Nebraska
M.B.A., Seoul National University
Certificate: Harvard Business School (Information Systems)

Research Interests: Wireless telecommunication, decision support technology and applications, social networking, cellular phone TV, digital multimedia broadcasting, u-commerce

Veda Storey
Tull Professor of Computer Information Systems
Office Phone: (404) 413-7377
Bldg: Robinson College, Room: 920
URL: www.cis.gsu.edu/vstorey
Email: vstorey@gsu.edu
Ph. D., University of British Columbia (MIS)
M.S., Queen's University
B.S., Mt. Allison University, Mathematics & Computer Science

Research Interests: Database management systems, intelligent systems, data quality, and knowledge management

Detmar W. Straub
Regents' Professor,
J. Mack Robinson Distinquished Professor of Information Systems,
Director or Robinson Ph.D. Programs and Research
Office Phone: (404) 413-7378
Bldg: Robinson College, Room: 904
URL: dstraub.cis.gsu.edu/
Email: dstraub@gsu.edu
D.B.A., Indiana university (MIS)
M.B.A., Gannon University (MIS)
Ph. D., Penn State University (English)
M.A., City University of New York (English)
B.A., Hobart College (English)

Research Interests: E-commerce metrics, IS security, technological innovation, cross-cultural IS research

Carl Stucke
Associate Chair of CIS Department
Office Phone: (404) 413-7379
Bldg: Robinson College, Room: 906
URL: www.cis.gsu.edu/cstucke/
Email: cstucke@gsu.edu
Ph.D., Emory University (Mathematics)
B.S., Mathematics, Emory University

Research Interests: Information systems security & privacy
Duane Truex
Associate Professor
Office Phone: (404) 413-7380
Bldg: Robinson College, Room: 936
URL: www3.cis.gsu.edu/dtruex
Email: dtruex@gsu.edu
Ph.D., Watson School of Engineering, SUNY (CS/IS)
MBA, State University of New York (SUNY Binghamton)
B.A., Music, Ithaca College


Research Interests: The impact of IT on people and organizations, philosophical structures of information systems, systems development methods and method engineering, e-commerce infrastructures

Vijay K. Vaishnavi
Office Phone: (404) 413-7381
Bldg: Robinson College, Room: 902
URL: www.cis.gsu.edu/vvaishnavi
Email: vvaishna@gsu.edu
Postdoctoral Fellow, McMaster University, Canada (Computer Science)
Ph.D.,  Indian Institute of Technology, India (Electrical Engineering/Computer Science)
M.Tech,  Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India (Electrical Engineering/Computer Science)
B.E., National Institute of Technology, Srinagar, India (Electrical Engineering

Research Interests: Workflow and electronic commerce coordination, formal software specifications and their maturity, object modeling and design, object-oriented metrics, research methodologies

Upkar Varshney
Associate Professor
Office Phone: (404) 413-7382
Bldg: Robinson College, Room: 936
URL: www.cis.gsu.edu/uvarshney
Email: uvarshney@gsu.edu
Ph.D.,  University of Missouri-Kansas City (CS/Telecom)
M.S, University of Missouri-Kansas City(Computer Science)
B.E., University of Roorkee (Electrical Engineering)


Research Interests: Wireless and mobile networks, wireless e-commerce, multicast, and wireless ATM

Richard J. Welke
Office Phone: (404) 413-7863
Bldg: Robinson College, Room: 423
URL: Dr. Welke's website link
Email: rwelke@gsu.edu
Ph.D., SUNY Buffalo (Management Systems)
MBA, The University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, Michigan)
BSE, Tau Beta Pi (Industrial Engineering)

Research Interests: Open standards information architecture, e-commerce strategy, development methods and tools, workflow systems

Joint Appointment Faculty
(Faculty with main appointment in another department or college)
Abhay Mishra
Assistant Professor of Health Administration
Office Phone: (404) 413-7638
Bldg: Robinson College, Room: 809
Ph. D., University of Texas at Austin
M.B.A.,  Xavier Labor Relations Institute, India
B. Tech, Karnataka Regional Engineering College, India

Research Interests: Adoption and diffusion of information technologies in the healthcare industry, the transformation of the healthcare industry, electronic procurement and supply-chain management, business value of information and technologies, organizational innovation, information technology strategy

James A. Senn
Office Phone: (404) 413-7191
Bldg: Robinson College, Room: 937
URL: www.cis.gsu.edu/jsenn
Email: jsenn@gsu.edu
Ph. D., University of Minnesota
M.S,  University of Minnesota
B. A, Augusburg College

Research Interests: E-business strategy, Information technology strategy, mobile wireless society, business value of IT, Innovation and IT start-ups

Yi Pan
Chair and Professor of Computer Science
Professor of Computer Information Systems

Office Phone: (404) 413-5719
34 Peachtree Street,  Room: 1442
Ph. D., University of Pittsburgh (Computer Science)

M.Eng, Tsinghua University, China (Computer Engineering)
B.Eng, Tsinghua University, China (Computer Engineering).

Research Interests:
Parallel and distributed computing, optical networks, wireless networks and bioinformatics.
Bijan Fazlollahi
Professor, Institute of International Business and Director of Center for Business Development in Transitional Economies
Office Phone: (404) 413-7283
Bldg: Robinson College, Room: 830
Email: adscbbf@langlate@gsu.edu

Ph. D., Syracuse University  (Business Administration)
M.B.A., Syracuse University (Operations Management)
B.S., Massachusetts Institute of technology (Mechanical Engineering)

Research Interests:  Medical care organization, operations management, health information systems

Andrew T. Summer
Director & Associate Professor, and holder of Joe Taylor Chair of Health Administration
Office Phone: (404) 413-7634
Bldg: Robinson College, Room: 807
Sc. D., John Hopkins University
M.S.I.E., Georgia Institute of Technology
B.I.E., Georgia Institute Of Technology

Research Interests:  Medical care organization, operations management, health information systems

Adjunct Faculty
Arash Akhlaghi
Adjunct Professor
Email: aakhlaghi@cis.gsu.edu
Catherine Baird
Adjunct Professor
Email: cbaird@cis.gsu.edu
Thomas Baley
Adjunct Professor
Email: tbaley@cis.gsu.edu
David Bloomquist
Adjunct Professor
Email: dbloomquist@cis.gsu.edu
Bill Bradford
Adjunct Professor
Email: bbradford@cis.gsu.edu
Laura Burkhart
Adjunct Professor
Email: lburkhart@cis.gsu.edu
Fazana Creighton
Adjunct Professor
Email: fcreighton@cis.gsu.edu
John Crisp
Adjunct Professor
Email: jcrisp@cis.gsu.edu
Tom Gregory
Adjunct Professor
Email: tom.gregory@ceprin.org
Andrew Gurbaxani
Adjunct Professor
Email: agurbaxani@cis.gsu.edu
John Halloran
Adjunct Professor
Email: jhalloran@cis.gsu.edu
Rob Hornyak
Adjunct Professor
Email: rob.hornyak@ceprin.org
John Hupp
Adjunct Professor
Email: jhupp@cis.gsu.edu
Efosa Idemudia
Adjunct Professor
Email: eidemudia@cis.gsu.edu
Taz Lake
Adjunct Professor
Email: taz.lake@gmail.com
Lynne Lucas
Adjunct Professor
Email: llucas@cis.gsu.edu
Ramesh Manyam
Adjunct Professor
Email: rmanyam@gsu.edu
Tim Mawhinney
Adjunct Professor
Email: tmawhinney@cis.gsu.edu
Timothy Olsen
Adjunct Professor
Email: tolsen@cis.gsu.edu
Charles (Chip) Phillips
Adjunct Professor
Email: bandcphillips@comcast.net
Larry Ray
Adjunct Professor
Email: lray@cis.gsu.edu
Darryl Romanow
Adjunct Professor
Email: Darryl.Romanow@eci.gsu.edu
Partho Sandell
Adjunct Professor
Email: psandell@cis.gsu.edu
Rajendra Singh
Adjunct Professor
Email: rsingh@ceprin.org
Roopgaurav (Roop) Singh
Adjunct Professor
Email: rsingh@cis.gsu.edu
Charles (Chip) Schooler
Adjunct Professor
Email: cschooler@cis.gsu.edu
Mohan Shivdasani
Adjunct Professor
Email: mshivdasani@cis.gsu.edu
Hirotoshi Takeda
Office Phone: (404) 413-7389
Bldg: Robinson College, Room: 910
Fuchan Tan
Adjunct Professor
Email: ftan@cis.gsu.edu
Therese Viscelli
Adjunct Professor
Email: tviscelli@cis.gsu.edu
Thomas Wardlow
Adjunct Professor
Email: twardlow@cis.gsu.edu
Brett Young
Adjunct Professor
Email: byoung@cis.gsu.edu


Desiree Plummer
PC System Specialist
Office Phone: (404) 413-7440
Bldg: Robinson College, Room: 908
Email: dplummer@cis.gsu.edu
Walter Rich
Public Relations Specialist
Office Phone: (404) 413-7398
Bldg: Robinson College, Room: 929
Email: wrich@gsu.edu
James Sneed
Information Technology Department Manager
Office Phone: (404) 413-7383
Bldg: Robinson College, Room: 907
Email: jsneed@gsu.edu
Denise Wilson
Office Manager
Office Phone: (404) 413-7371
Bldg: Robinson College, Room: 932
Email: dwilson@cis.gsu.edu

Association for Information Systems

Tmitri Owens
AIS Program Director
Office Phone: (404) 413 7444
Bldg: Robinson College, Room: 917
Email: tmitri@aisnet.org
Pete Tinsley
AIS Deputy Director
Office Phone: (404) 413-7441
Bldg: Robinson College, Room: 916
Email: ptinsley@cis.gsu.edu
Aretha Wright
AIS Office Manager
Office Phone: (404) 413-7442
Bldg: Robinson College, Room: 917
Email: awright@cis.gsu.edu

Ph.D. Students

Anouck Adrot
Office Phone: (404) 413-7389
Bldg: Robinson College, Room: 910
Chad Anderson
Office Phone: (404) 413-7389
Bldg: Robinson College, Room: 910

URL: www.chad-anderson.com
Email: canderson32@gsu.edu
Mathieu Chauvet
Office Phone: (404) 413-7389
Bldg: Robinson College, Room: 910
Tianjie Deng
Office Phone: (404) 413-7389
Bldg: Robinson College, Room: 910
Mala Kaul
Office Phone: (404) 413-7389
Bldg: Robinson College, Room: 910
Email: mkaul@cis.gsu.edu
Jong Seok Lee
Office Phone: (404) 413-7389
Bldg: Robinson College, Room: 910
Email: jlee@cis.gsu.edu
Hyung Koo Lee
Office Phone: (404) 413-7389
Bldg: Robinson College, Room: 910
Eunice (Eun hee) Park
Office Phone: (404) 413-7389
Bldg: Robinson College, Room: 910
Email: epark@cis.gsu.edu
Benoit Raymond
Office Phone: (404) 413-7389
Bldg: Robinson College, Room: 910-P
Email: braymond@gsu.edu
Claudia Ruiz
Office Phone: (404) 413-7389
Bldg: Robinson College, Room: 910
Sumantra Sarkar
Office Phone: (404) 413-7390
Bldg: Robinson College, Room: 910
Radu Vlas
Office Phone: (404) 413-7389
Bldg: Robinson College, Room: 910-I
Email: rvlas@cis.gsu.edu
Jong Woo
Office Phone: (404) 413-7389
Bldg: Robinson College, Room: 910

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