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Welcome to GSU’s CIS Minor in Information Systems!

What is Information Systems?

What is a minor?

Who can have a minor?

Why minor in information Systems?

How can an IS minor complement your major?

What courses can you choose to take?

What do our graduates say about our IS Programs?

What do our IS students say?

Who are some of our faculty?

What is the CIS department reputation?

Where may I find an answer to a different question?

How do I declare a minor? 

What is Information Systems? 

Information Systems (IS) is the use of computers and information to enable people and organizations to be more creative and productive.  Studying information systems involves learning to:  1) identify the needs of an individual or organization, 2) design and develop systems to meet those requirements, and 3) deploy these systems to solve real-world problems.  These solutions can involve applying the latest technology to improve the delivery of products and services, while insuring that the systems are secure.

Information Systems is distinguished from computer science (which is a department in the College of Arts & Sciences) in that it is more business-focused.  Computer scientists focus more on computer hardware, computer languages, and specialized systems software. 

What is a minor? 

A minor is a set of courses that allows you to concentrate your studies in a certain area.  Minors combine with your major to enhance your marketability.  Typically, a minor can be earned by taking 5 courses in another discipline.  Depending on the minor you choose, there may be restrictions on the courses from which you may select.

Who can have a minor? 

Any undergraduate student at Georgia State University including RCB students.

Why get a minor in Information Systems?

A minor in Information Systems is offered by the Department of Computer Information Systems (CIS)  in the Robinson College of Business.  This IS minor is designed for undergraduate students outside of the business school who want to participate in the digital revolution that is transforming organizations and society.  Information systems have become increasingly important in such fields as biology, communications, psychology, music, art & design, political science, sociology, and education.  Add this IS knowledge component to your intellectual toolkit and maximize your marketability! 

How an Information Systems Minor will complement your Major?

If you are a biology major, bioinformatics is a hot new area that combines molecular biology with computer information systems. This is an exciting area in which computer information technology is being used to develop new drugs to treat, cure and prevent human disease. 

If you are a communications major, digital media and related technologies are revolutionizing print, video, and web-based communications.

If you are majoring in music or art & design, computer information systems are opening up new avenues of expression and have become essential tools for design. 

If you are majoring in political science, information systems are important tools for conducting public opinion polls, electronic voting, and providing access to information and services (i.e.,  e-government).

If you are an education major, a basic knowledge of information systems is essential for teaching computer literacy in the classroom and for delivery of instructional materials.

What courses can you choose to take?

It’s simple!  Just take our basic introductory course, CIS 2010 - Introduction to Computer Information Systems.  To round out your minor, just add any 4 of the following courses.  If you are a Robinson College of Business student, then you need to add 5 CIS courses beyond CIS 2010.  Click on the course name to see more information.

CIS 3001 - Managing Information Technology Projects
CIS 3300 - Systems Analysis (identify what a system needs to do)
CIS 3310 - Systems Design* (decide how the system will do this)
CIS 3320 - Telecommunications For Business
CIS 3730 - Database Management Systems
CIS 4000 – Introduction to Computer Forensics
CIS 4120 – Defining and Innovating Business Processes
CIS 4140 - Implementing IT-Facilitated Business Processes
CIS 4300 - Software Quality Management
CIS 4700 - Managing IT Project Risk, Vendors and Contracts
CIS 4620 - Management of Information Services
CIS 4680 - Introduction to Security & Privacy of Information Systems
(protect yourself and your business)
CIS 3260 - Introduction to programming in C#
CIS 3270 - Internet Programming with Java*

*indicates that course requires prerequisite beyond CIS 2010.  No asterisk indicates that the course has no prerequisites other than CIS 2010.  Some courses do not even require CIS 2010 as a prerequisite.... :-)

What do our graduates say about our Information Systems programs?


Tom Catudal, CIO: “My MIS/CIS degree from GSU gave me a super platform through which I have developed successful careers in information and communications technology (ICT), Chief Information Officer (CIO), and now Senior Vice President level appointments.”

Patti Yates, Application Developer Analyst“I just wanted to thank you for doing such a great job teaching System Analysis. I am three weeks into my new job, and have been assigned to a small project. I have a requirements document I have to get familiar with really fast! I thought of you when I opened up the Doc. Many thanks for your dedication to GSU and its CIS students! Without instructors like you I would not have such a great opportunity with such a great company!”

Jon Kerner, CIO:  “CIS at GSU…aims to provide a real world, high value education via a solid faculty and a student body made up of experienced professionals.  My time at GSU in CIS was so worthwhile because of what I learned both within and outside of the classroom.”

What do other Information Systems students say?

“Absolutely the best classes that I have taken at Georgia State.”

“Kudos to the CIS Department! During my sojourn here I have learned the fundamentals of Information Technology ... Thanks for your dedication and great work. You have done us all a great service.”

“I am more than satisfied with my experience here at GSU and I am proud to be a product of the CIS department.”

“I truly enjoyed my instructors and my time at GSU ...”

“I really enjoyed the experience of working with a client and going through the process of system development.” 

Who are some of the faculty from whom you would be learning?

Dr. William Robinson receives excellent reviews from his students in systems requirements management, system design, and software quality management. He has recently received a very competitive National Science Foundation grant of $246,498 for support of his project entitled:  “Monitoring in Support of Design Science Principles. Bill has written over 40 academic articles, mostly in the areas of Requirements Engineering and agent support of Electronic Commerce.  

Dr. Upkar Varshney specializes in mobile computing and wireless networks that have become critical to day-to-day life.  He brings a high level of energy and enthusiasm to his classes and has received numerous teaching awards. He is widely known for his research in wireless and mobile networks, having written more than 100 papers, including some of the most heavily downloaded papers in the field

How do I declare a minor?

For Arts & Sciences students, complete and file the change of major/minor form (click to get form) For Robinson College of Business students, complete and file the change of major or add/change minor form (click to get form) with the Office of Undergraduate Academic Assistance on the 3rd floor of the Robinson College of Business building.



J. Mack Robinson College of Business

Georgia State University

35 Broad Street, NW

P.O. Box 4015

Atlanta, GA 30302-4015

Phone: 404.413.7360


Faculty Contacts: 

Carl Stucke, Ph.D.,, Associate Chair, cstucke@gsu.edu

Ephraim R. McLean, Ph.D., FAIS, Department Chair, Chair@cis.gsu.edu



Computer Information Systems Department

35 Broad Street | Robinson College of Business | 9th Floor | Atlanta | Georgia 30302

 404 - 413 - 7360


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