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In today’s highly competitive global environment, the effective deployment of information technology has become the key to business success. New applications of information technology strike at the heart of what management does and how organizations are structured and compete. In many respects these applications are redefining the nature of work and its organization.

These programs are designed to meet the needs of students who want to build a strong background in information systems and the application of information and communications technology in business.   

Minor in Computer Information Systems

Bachelor of Business Administration, Computer Information Systems

Master of Business Administration, Information Systems

Master of Science, Information Systems

Master of Science, Information Systems Audit and Control (MISAC)

Master of Science, Information System Managing Information Technology

PHD, Computer Information Systems


Faculty Contacts: 

Carl Stucke, Ph.D.,, Associate Chair, cstucke@gsu.edu

Ephraim R. McLean, Ph.D., FAIS, Department Chair, Chair@cis.gsu.edu



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