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Welcome to the MBA IS degree program

Students can elect to pursue a managerial focus or technical focus within this degree program. Prerequisites may be required for individual courses. MBA students majoring in information systems may now elect to take the same concentrations offered to our master of science students.  For further information, see the MS IS degree program.  The four CIS courses which make up a concentration for the MS program may also be used to provide the MBA student with the same concentration.  The difference between the two degrees is in the core offering...the MBA has a core of all business courses, where the MS degree has a core of all Information Systems courses.

How do I apply?

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Health Informatics Concentration is added

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CIS 8000 - Information Technology Project Management
CIS 8010 - Business Process Innovation

CIS 8060 (CPI 8060) - Supply Chain Management

CIS 8080 (ACC 8680) - Security and Privacy of Information and Information Systems

CIS 8100 - Management Of Information Services 

CIS 8200 - Information Systems Strategy
CIS 8210 - Global Systems Sourcing
CIS 8220
(IB 8710) - International Information Technology Issues and Policy
CIS 8299 - Advanced Topics in Management of Information Systems
CIS 8599 - Advanced Topics in Medical Informatics
CIS 8670 - Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP)

CIS 8699 - Advanced Topics in Business Process Innovation


CIS 8020 - Systems Integration
CIS 8030 - Software Requirements Management
CIS 8040 - Database Management Systems
CIS 8050 - Business Telecommunications and Networks
CIS 8070 - Pervasive Healthcare Technologies (formerly Mobile and Wireless)
CIS 8090 - Enterprise Architectures

CIS 8260 - Knowledge Management
CIS 8300 - Software Quality Management
CIS 8310 - Systems Development
CIS 8399 - Advanced Topics in Systems Development
CIS 8401 - Mobile Applications Development

CIS 8411 - Wireless Networks

CIS 8499 - Advanced Topics in Telecommunications

CIS 8500 - Human Computer Interfaces, Usability, and Assistive Technologies

CIS 8630 - Business Computer Forensics and Incident Response

CIS 8850 - Web Application Development

CIS 8900 - Knowledge Systems

  Click here for a full list of CIS graduate level (8000) courses as possible electives for
MBA students

J. Mack Robinson College of Business

Georgia State University

35 Broad Street, NW

P.O. Box 4015

Atlanta, GA 30302-4015

Phone: 404.413.7360


Faculty Contacts: 

Carl Stucke, Ph.D., Associate Chair, cstucke@gsu.edu

Ephraim R. McLean, Ph.D., FAIS, Department Chair, Chair@cis.gsu.edu



Computer Information Systems Department

35 Broad Street | Robinson College of Business | 9th Floor | Atlanta | Georgia 30302

 404 - 413 - 7360


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